My name is Cindy Hsu Zell and I am based in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in San Gabriel near the mountains and studied sculpture and animation at USC. My approach to art stems from this love of nature and movement as well as a deep curiosity about form, texture, and minimalism.

I create sculptures using mindfully-sourced materials from nature: wood, ceramics, stone, and natural fibers. My work is process and material-driven, exploring the influence of gravity on composition. Individual pieces serve as studies on gesture, curves, drape, and weight.

My technique for spinning and dyeing rope was developed in 2014 – It’s a careful and meditative process that results in a contrast between the softness of the fibers and the tension required to hold it all together. My work embraces interaction, touch, and the spirit of the handmade.

I am respectful of the quantity and quality of work I put out into the world. Each piece is meant to last and is made through a process that is slow, small, and intentional. The materials I use are of the highest quality and vegan (I phased out animal-based elements like leather and silk last year). I am also taking measures to become carbon neutral while reducing waste in every area of production. I make donations to causes that help create a kinder, more sustainable future.


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